NYU in Finals for NWCA “Best of Brand” Competition

The New York University wrestling program is now in the quarterfinals of the NWCA and ELSM “Best of Brand” competition. Voting takes places TODAY from 4:00 PM EST to 8:00 PM EST. This Best of Brand award program initiative between the NWCA and ELSM honors wrestling programs for their investment in marketing with a goal of continuing to inspire coaches to engage in branding initiatives.


NYU is currently up against fellow New York team Hofstra University. The criteria for determining the “Solid Service” award winner will feature two key elements: a panel of judges assessing annual performance (70%) and an online voting competition (30%). The online voting component will include 15% allocated to the actual vote totals and 15% to the creativity of campaign during the Battle Round voting.

Challenge Details and Voting
The Solid Service category voting will feature a “Battle Round” bracket challenge format.  Teams will be paired based on their seeding and will battle head-to-head each day to advance in the competition.  Each round of voting will be open for one day from 4:00 PM EST to 8:00 PM EST, and the program must win that day’s vote to advance to the next round.

  • Day 1: Quarterfinals              Monday, June 8
  • Day 2: Semifinals                   Tuesday, June 9
  • Day 3: Finals                           Wednesday, June 10

Finalists and Match-Ups
The finalists for the “Solid Service” category were selected by a committee, and ranked accordingly.  Minnesota is the No. 1 overall seed and will receive a first round bye, setting up these quarterfinal matchups:

#2 Lehigh                                                #7 Buffalo
#3 NYU                                                    #6 Hofstra
#4 Michigan                                            #5 Buena Vista

Winner Announcement
The Champion and Top 3 in the competition will be announced this summer at the NWCA Convention in Fort Lauderdale, Florida from July 30th to August 2nd.

For more information on the “Solid Service” category and/or the Best of Brand awards, visit the NWCA site: http://www.nwcaonline.com/nwcawebsite/best-of-brand-awards.