2016 New York State Private School Championship Seeds

The field/seeds has been set for tomorrow’s 2016 New York State Private School Championships….92 of the finest student-athletes from the most prestigious and honored academic institutions in all of the Empire State will take to the mats on the campus of Long Island Lutheran High School; only 15 will earn the privilege of calling themselves, “State champions.” With 12 special individuals back to defend the crowns they won a season ago, there will be no shortage of dynamic skills on display.

1. Luke Reich (Poly Prep)
2. Will Shabecoff (Rye Country Day)
3. Mark Imbert (Long Island Lutheran)

1. David Berkovich (Poly Prep)
2. Sal Jones (Long Island Lutheran)
3. Will Waddell (Rye Country Day)
4. Jack Shire (Collegiate)

1. Dove Bonjean-Alpart (Poly Prep)
2. Willie Swett (Dalton)
3. Jimmy Jones (Hackley)

1. John Luke DeStefano (Poly Prep)
2. George Yankey (Martin Luther)
3. Gabe Welch (Hackley)
4. Jamie Berg (Horace Mann)
5. Robbie Fox (Rye Country Day)
6. Harry Sultan (Collegiate)
NS Henry Carroll (Dalton)
NS Fernando Cardona (Lexington)
NS James Vickery (Trinity)

1. Joe Donohue (Poly Prep)
2. Elliot Galvis (Trinity)
3. Noah Aljahmi (Lexington)
4. Jack Kneisley (Hackley)
5. Georgi Verdelis (Horace Mann)
NS Jonah Ryan (Dalton)
NS Tyler Streithorst (Long Island Lutheran)

1. Andrew Andrade (Poly Prep)
2. Ben Kaufman (Horace Mann)
3. Vinny DeMartino (Long Island Lutheran)
4. Malik Brown (Martin Luther)
NS Sabin Hossain (Trinity)
NS Thomas Moran (Trevor Day)

1. Mike Berkowitz (Long Island Lutheran)
2. Matt Bock (Horace Mann)
3. Peter Sanchez (Rye Country Day)
4. Benji Ho (Collegiate)
5. Liam Harvey (Poly Prep)
NS Peter Donohue (Trinity)

1. Lenny Merkin (Poly Prep)
2. George Germanakos (Hackley)
3. Clay Hamilton (Dalton)
4. Sean Chan (Rye Country Day)
5. Mason Roth (Horace Mann)
6. Mike Scagluso (Long Island Lutheran)
7. David-Paul Schulze (Martin Luther)
8. Fatou Sankanu (Lexington)
NS Sam Musmanno (Trinity)
NS Luca Zuroeac (Trevor Day)

1. Ethan Beauman (Long Island Lutheran)
2. Jake Barry (Poly Prep)
3. JD Wieland (Trinity)
4. Raymond Mukhailov (Lexington)
5. Tyler Meyer (Hackley)
6. Michael Dinan (Horace Mann)
NS Henry Firestone (Dalton)
NS Max Mandell (Rye Country Day)
NS John Prescott (Trevor Day)

1. Mack Berkowitz (Long Island Lutheran)
2. Efrain Del Carpio (Martin Luther)
3. Casey Schneider (Dalton)
4. Spyridon Coffinas (Hackley)
5. Vito Smolyak (Poly Prep)
6. Frank Willey (Trinity)
7. Riley Faulk (Rye Country Day)

1. Elijah Ngbokoli (Hackley)
2. Zack Schmitt (Long Island Lutheran)
3. Jeremy Levit (Poly Prep)
4. Patrick Schutz (Trinity)
5. Max Gardner (Dalton)
6. Justin Tang (Horace Mann)
7. Jean Carlos Diaz (Lexington)

1. Nick Bernardo (Long Island Lutheran)
2. Faulkner Wilson (Dalton)
3. Cameron Coleman (Rye Country Day)
4. Ulises Perea-Acosta (Trinity)
5. Ander Legaspi (Horace Mann)
6. Drew Lewis (Collegiate)
NS Jason Mark (Hackley)
NS Jose Cabrera (Martin Luther)

1. Victor Marzano (Poly Prep)
2. Richard Antoine (Rye Country Day)
3. Jack Willey (Trinity)
4. Julien Loo (Dalton)
5. Sam Goldberg (Hackley)

1. Hannes Boehning (Rye Country Day)
2. Tareq Saghie (Dalton)
3. Rich Quan (Poly Prep)
4. Liam Broggy (Long Island Lutheran)
NS Vinay Bijoor (Hackley)
NS Arnold Nam (Trinity)

1. Stanley Kaminsky (Poly Prep)
2. Sean Price (Rye Country Day)
3. William Schwing (Long Island Lutheran)