Top 20 Middle School Wrestlers

New York City wrestling is improving every year thanks to a vested interest from the PSAL and Beat the Streets. In just over ten years, wrestling opportunities in the Big Apple have significantly increased, especially at the middle school level. Beat the Streets operates their own wrestling league during the fall and winter while the Ivy schools operate a winter league. Participation has dramatically grown since inception and we are now seeing many of our middle school champions going on to represent Gotham up in Albany as part of a high school program. Our girls participation numbers at the middle school level is vastly growing. Luckily for them, when they get to high school there is a stand-alone girls freestyle season in the spring operated by the PSAL. The league is the first of its kind for high school sports. Below you will find our top 20 list of middle school athletes. Be on the lookout for these young stars to make an impact in the high school ranks for years to come.



  1. Mike Adams – Monsignor Farrell (8th Grade)
  2. Mitchell Barcus – Eagle Academy (8th Grade)
  3. Isaias Torres – Upper Ten Eyck (8th Grade)
  4. Devone Bogie – Eagle Academy (7th Grade)
  5. Sulayman Bah – MS 129 (7th Grade)
  6. Jacob Levin – Monsignor Farrell (8th Grade)
  7. Adner Ramirez – Upper Ten Eyck (8th Grade)
  8. Jason Dubrasky – Monsignor Farrell (7th Grade)
  9. Ken Pardo – Harlem Jets (8th Grade)
  10. Carlos Guzman – Riverdale Kingsbridge Academy (8th Grade)
  11. Tristan Levin – Monsignor Farrell (4th Grade)
  12. Amir Avazov – David Boody (6th Grade)
  13. Carlos Bermudez – MS 129 (8th Grade)
  14. Elijah Ross – Eagle Academy (7th Grade)
  15. Dean Delaney – Monsignor Farrell (8th Grade)
  16. David Corson – Myra S Barnes (8th Grade)
  17. Shane Phillips – Nathaniel Hawthorne (8th Grade)
  18. Vakramongo Dosso – Eagle Academy (7th Grade)
  19. Alex Semenenko – David Boody (8th Grade)
  20. Kasson Potts – Harlem Jets (8th Grade)



  1. Alessandra Eliott – Tottenville (7th Grade)
  2. Beautiful Robinson – MS 129 (7th Grade)
  3. Shameeka Samuel – Explore Charter (6th Grade)
  4. Keke Riddick – Excellence (8th Grade)
  5. Nathaly Pichardo – Inwood (8th Grade)
  6. Destiny Bennett – Twin Parks (7th Grade)
  7. Kayla Barbee – Robert Van Wyck (8th Grade)
  8. Mohani Somra – Robert Van Wyck (8th Grade)
  9. Emily Guerra – Leonardo da Vinci (8th Grade)
  10. Taina Carbuccia – Inwood Academy
  11. Barbara Diaz – Leonardo da Vinci (8th Grade)
  12. Lexy Elson – RKA (6th Grade)
  13. Jessica Jordan – RKA (7th Grade)
  14. Keiary Gary – Brooklyn Landmark (5th Grade)
  15. Kadditjatou Bah – MS 129 (7th Grade)
  16. Amelia Quinones – Renaissance (7th Grade)
  17. Neveaha Hayes – Quest to Learn (6th Grade)
  18. Gertie Angel – Harlem Jets (5th Grade)
  19. Yumieri Caminero – Inwood Academy (7th Grade)
  20. Naomi Acevedo – Inwood Academy (7th Grade)