Bissell Invitational 2018 – Poly Prep Results

Poly Prep traveled to the Bissell Invitational and two Blue Devils came home as champions. David Berkovich beat returning All-American Henry Hague of Malvern Prep 6-4 to claim top honors at 138 lbs. Victor Marzano dominated his way to another individual championship by pinning all of his opponents at 195 lbs. Dove Bonjean-Alpart was the third finalist for Poly Prep. Full results below.



106 LBS
1st Christopher Kim (Germantown Academy) F Bobby Becket (Malvern Prep), 0:47
3rd Andy Weinstein (Gilman) DEC Kyle Mathues (Malvern Prep), 7-1
5th Andrew Parente (The Haverford School) F Tom Krumrine (The Hill School), 2:24

113 LBS
1st Drew Munch (Wyoming Seminary) DEC Dayton Delviscio (Malvern Prep), 8-4
3rd Cody Craig (The Hill School) DEC Dj Mcgee (Blair Academy), 5-0
5th Jake Shaifer (The Haverford School) TF Seth Hodges (Mercersburg), 16-1 2:07
7th Ethan Kreuzberg (The Hill School) F Roberta Fisher (Tabor Academy), 0:33

120 LBS
1st Brandon Seidman (Germantown Academy) TF Dove Bonjean alpart (Poly Prep), 16-1 5:25
3rd Lincoln Heck (Wyoming Seminary) MD Ryan Shepherd (The Haverford School), 10-2
5th Nick Bauer (Wyoming Seminary) DEC Mark Fasciocco (Germantown Academy), 7-5
7th Nathan Winter (The Marvelwood School) F Stone Lack (Tabor Academy), 2:05

126 LBS
1st Shane Van ness (Blair Academy) F Mark Salvatore (Malvern Prep), 5:35
3rd Austin Vincent (The Hill School) DEC Noah Burstein (Northfield Mount Hermon), 3-0
5th Christian Colman (Germantown Academy) TF Nick Adams (The Hotchkiss School), 17-0 3:58
7th Ted Kennedy (The Hill School) FOR Eric Appenzeller (The Phelps School)

132 LBS
1st Kyle Gorant (The Hill School) DEC Brett Rezendes (Northfield Mount Hermon), 6-1
3rd Micah Visuwan (Malvern Prep) DEC Dalton Harkins (Malvern Prep), 5-2
5th Vincent Coliaocco (Blair Academy) DEC Michael Clymer (The Haverford School), 1-0
7th Clayton Murabito (Wyoming Seminary) DEC Hunter Hockensmith (Northfield Mount Hermon), 9-5

138 LBS
1st David Berkovich (Poly Prep) DEC Henry Hague (Malvern Prep), 6-4
3rd Dominic Rossetti (Loomis Chaffee) DEC Aj Caba (The Hotchkiss School), 3-2
5th Jacob Zuller (Wyoming Seminary) F Jackson Snider (Friends Central School), 0:49
7th Vincent Corradetti (The Haverford School) F Alec Nevins (Northfield Mount Hermon), 0:44

145 LBS
1st Pj Crane (Malvern Prep) DEC Chase Mccollum (The Haverford School), 9-3
3rd Josh Gobencion (Blair Academy) DEC Niko Katsuyoshi (Wyoming Seminary), 1-0
5th Nick Incontrera (Blair Academy) TF David Gushue (Gilman), 16-1 4:25
7th Wyatt Hare (The Hill School) FOR Charlie Barry (Poly Prep)

152 LBS
1st Aurelius Dunbar (Mercersburg) DEC Chris Hisey (Malvern Prep), 4-3
3rd Ryan Durkin (Loomis Chaffee) DEC Xavier Carbonaro (Blair Academy), 5-0
5th Cole Brown (Gilman) FOR Charles Mclaughlin (Northfield Mount Hermon)
7th Coby Shalam (Northfield Mount Hermon) DEC Chris Parker (Tabor Academy), 10-6

160 LBS
1st Mike Giallorenzi (Wyoming Seminary) DEC Darwin Hull (Wyoming Seminary), 6-4 SV
3rd Sami Cerebe (Germantown Academy) DEC Aiden Hanning (Northfield Mount Hermon), 2-1
5th Owen Vietmeier (Malvern Prep) DEC Sincere Tuitt (Loomis Chaffee), 3-1
7th Sam Barnes (Mercersburg) F Andrew Broaddues (Friends Central School), 1:14

170 LBS
1st Nick Florschutz (Malvern Prep) DEC Isaiah Bailey (Tabor Academy), 7-3
3rd Jeremy Cranston (Gilman) F Drew Sandifer (Germantown Academy), 0:43
5th Jose Cervera (Mercersburg) F Kaiser Garcia (Loomis Chaffee), 2:19
7th Kabir Mohan (Peddie) F Dean Parenteau (The Hotchkiss School), 0:34

182 LBS
1st Victor Marzano (Poly Prep) F Harrison Levans (Germantown Academy), 1:15
3rd Bernadin Senatus (Wyoming Seminary) DEC Kevonte Beard (Gilman), 3-1 SV
5th Jake Furigay (Mercersburg) MD Gabriel Garcia (Peddie), 11-2

195 LBS
1st Michael Beard (Malvern Prep) DEC Yaraslau Slavikouski (Northfield Mount Hermon), 9-3
3rd Alex Slodzinski (Gilman) F Nico Critides (Mercersburg), 2:01
5th Harry Stinger (Malvern Prep) F Mattheus Carroll (Gilman), 2:58
7th Scott Lewis (The Hotchkiss School) DEC Adam Mendes (Tabor Academy), 5-3 SV

220 LBS
1st Jon Stix (Northfield Mount Hermon) F Anthony Testa (Peddie), 2:53
3rd Khasim Mumin (The Phelps School) MD Isaaac Lee (Gilman), 10-1
5th Brendan Devine (Malvern Prep) FOR Flynn Leaf (Malvern Prep)
7th Nick Losardo (Tabor Academy) F Kwaku Adubofour (The Haverford School), 0:33

285 LBS
1st Nick Martino (Wyoming Seminary) DEC Zach Minch (Loomis Chaffee), 5-1
3rd Gage Crites (Gilman) F Jack Theriault (Northfield Mount Hermon), 0:56
5th Anthony Martinez (The Hill School) F Tyler Mcdonald (The Haverford School), 2:14
7th Charlie Webb (Mercersburg) F Hobie Jamison (Tabor Academy), 2:47

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