Grover Cleveland Mats 2018 – Results

Layla Dervisevic of Forest Hills had her breakout day after claiming championship honors at 99 lbs. Her twin sister Alma Dervisevic, currently ranked #4 at the weight, and #5 Matt Gatto of Petrides both finished right behind her on the day. Gatto won a big semi-final over Alma Dervisevic before he was pinned by Layla Dervisevic. #1 Jonathan Chong of Benjamin Cardozo arguably had the top performance of the day after dominating the 145 lbs. bracket. In the finals, Chong blew through #4 Mike DiForte of Petrides by technical fall 15-0.


99 LBS
1st Layla Dervisevic (Forest Hills) F Matt Gatto (Petrides)
3rd Alma Dervisevic (Forest Hills) F Mohammed Hussain (Thomas Edison)

5th Ashtin Reich (Cardozo) F Steve Sereno (Petrides)


106 LBS

1st Hunter Hoo (Cardozo) DEC Joe Ferrara (Petrides), 12-5
3rd Jeffrey Molina (Seward Park) DEC Hesham Farghaly (Aviation HS), 9-4

5th Issac Ramirez (Robert Wagner) F Alexys Gonzalez (Lafayette)

113 LBS
1st Brandon Fallon (Petrides) MD Mac O’Hara (Beacon) 12-0
3rd Adriel Arias (Queens Voc) F Jacob Niyazov (Forest Hills)
5th Riley Perera (Thomas Edison) F Steven Carls (Petrides)

120 LBS
1st Raphael Bradley (Thomas Edison) F Shakzod Hoyatov (Forest Hills)
3rd Diego Perez (Beacon) MD Oscar Chau (Cardozo), 9-1

5th Elijah Logan (Beacon) F Marco Ng (Seward Park)


126 LBS
1st Ibrahim Aburmileh (Petrides) F Anthony Yela (Forest Hills)
3rd Bhuiyan Tausif (Thomas Edison) F Brian Cabrera (Forest Hills)

5th Arron Carter (South Shore) F Andy Li (Seward Park)


132 LBS
1st Damirjan Ulmasov (Forest Hills) F Luis Sanchez (Long Island City)
3rd Travis Bascomb (South Shore) DEC Kamil Ahmed (Robert Wagner), 8-3

5th Kalim King (Qhsc) F Zenjin Vrlaku (Petrides)


138 LBS
1st Quincy Howard (Cardozo) MD Yusif Noori (Robert F. Kennedy), 14-3
3rd Steven Zgaljardic (Qhsc) MD Antonio Aguilar (Seward Park), 11-3

5th Patrick Garcia (Cardozo) F Kelvin Siguencia (Aviation HS)


145 LBS
1st Jonathan Chong (Cardozo) TF Mike Diforte (Petrides), 15-0
3rd Darwin Mateo (Queens Voc) DEC Mateo Murillo (Forest Hills), 7-2

5th Orlando Lucero (Thomas Edison) F Erkin Adbullaev (Forest Hills)


152 LBS
1st Andrew Brown (Forest Hills) F Marcelo Pareya (Forest Hills)
3rd Divine Streeter (Petrides) DEC Latrell Cleary (Cardozo), 10-5

5th Temo Cedamanos (Queens Voc) DEC Chritopher Alejo (Robert Wagner), 7-5


160 LBS
1st Tyreke Prevost (Petrides) F Conor Cregin (Petrides)
3rd Alex Polazzolo (Petrides) F Darwin Penaloza (Long Island City)

5th Kobe Shi (Forest Hills) F Edison Tian (Robert F. Kennedy)


182 LBS
1st Sean Gillespie (Petrides) MD Michael Jin (Cardozo), 12-2
3rd Mario Francis (Aviation HS) DEC Vincent Iudici (Lafayette), 6-5

5th Enrique Wattanachaiyot (Long Island City) F Ansel Huang (Forest Hills)


220 LBS
1st Francis Tawiah (Petrides) F Ryan Smith (Hillcrest)
3rd Ismael Sanago (Murry Bergtraum) DEC Wislon Morales (Petrides), 8-6
5th Jonathan Chen (Cardozo) DEC Edward Gabrielyan (Qsi), 8-1

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