Zinn Lynn 2018 – Results


The Zinn Lynn has featured some of the toughest wrestlers in New York City this weekend, a perfect introduction to the Eastern States tournament next weekend. Overall, 22 ranked wrestlers took to the mats. #2 Guillermo Arango of Gaynor Campus had a tough day falling to #5 Pedro Cruz. The sophomore from New Utrecht found his first statement win of the season; however,  it wasn’t enough to top #1 ranked Zacc Romero of Brooklyn Tech in the finals. At 195 lbs, Daniel Pavlov of Midwood was a no-show in what could have been the best bracket of the day. #1 Dylan Nerich explained why he is the top ranked wrestler at the weight. The WC Bryant senior knocked off both #2 Emre Mabocoglu and #3 George Grigalashvili on his way to an individual championship. Full results below. 


99 LBS
1st Shawn Muratov (James Madison) TF Sal Blafford (James Madison), 21-6
3rd James Wong (Brooklyn Tech) TF Gamal Almareh (New Utrecht), 15-0
5th Abdullah Rashid (Susan E. Wagner) MD Jasmine Rivera (Martin L. King), 18-4
106 LBS
1st Abdul Almareh (New Utrecht) MD Sunil Thapa (W.C. Bryant), 12-2
3rd Muhammad Islomov (James Madison) F Mahmoud Aboseria (Midwood)

5th Nahid Amin (Martin L. King) F Derek Ortiz (New Dorp)


113 LBS
1st Kai Yudelson (Brooklyn Tech) F Joshua Jackson (Susan E. Wagner)
3rd Adrian Artsisheuskiy (Midwood) F Albert Tan (New Utrecht)

5th Christian Palazzo (W.C. Bryant) TF Abdullah Rahman (W.C. Bryant), 19-4


120 LBS
1st Martin Kiriakos (Susan E. Wagner) F Jason Porcaro (New Utrecht)
3rd Kevin Castro (Susan E. Wagner) MD Joseph Zakharov (Midwood), 12-4

5th Mehedi Ahasan (Brooklyn Tech) F Terrence Huang (New Utrecht)


126 LBS
1st Abdullo Omonullaev (Midwood) DEC Jack Gwertzman (Midwood), 6-3 UTB
3rd Dean Blafford (James Madison) DEC Gilbert Rosario (W.C. Bryant), 6-5

5th Bryan Munoz (Susan E. Wagner) F Valentin Devillanueve (Martin L. King)


132 LBS
1st Zacc Romero (Brooklyn Tech) DEC Pedro Cruz (New Utrecht), 6-2
3rd Guillermo Arango (Gaynor Campus) DEC Anthony Osipoff (James Madison), 3-0

5th Julius Whetstone (Martin L. King) DEC Axel Pimentel (Susan E. Wagner), 3-2


138 LBS
1st Aaron Jackson (Susan E. Wagner) DEC Max Gwertzman (Brooklyn Tech), 7-3
3rd Abid Hossain (Brooklyn Tech) F Justin Gonzalez (Martin L. King)

5th Tenzin Nyima (Martin L. King) M FOR Sebastian Chutan (New Dorp)


145 LBS
1st Jack Reusing (Brooklyn Tech) F Eric Kachan (Susan E. Wagner)
3rd Raja Ali (Midwood) DEC Jahongir Davronov (Midwood), 7-3

5th Elijah Perez (Martin L. King) DEC Rafayetul Khan (Brooklyn Tech), 7-6


152 LBS
1st Joseph Perez (Martin L. King) DEC Shalamar Solomon (Brooklyn Tech), 10-7
3rd Elijah Singh (Brooklyn Tech) DEC Michael Waldman (James Madison), 5-0

5th Adrian Criollo (Brooklyn Tech) DEC Omarou Sylla (Kipp), 4-3


160 LBS
1st David Konner (James Madison) F Ryan Mcgovern (Brooklyn Tech)
3rd Doston Ashurov (New Utrecht) F Alexis Marin (Midwood)

5th Jigmey Ponpotsang (W.C. Bryant) F Victor Urgiles (Martin L. King)


170 LBS
1st Andrew Grechko (Brooklyn Tech) DEC Azamat Davlyatov (James Madison), 5-2
3rd Matt Lynch (New Utrecht) F Eric Martinez (New Utrecht)

5th Jacky Lin (Brooklyn Tech) F Blake Fleischer (New Dorp)


182 LBS
1st Olexandr Pustovoyt (Midwood) F Vincent Pagnotta (Susan E. Wagner)
3rd Temur Yakhshilikov (James Madison) F Moiz Khan (New Utrecht)

5th Mike Tremblay (New Utrecht) DEC Donovan Burgos (Kipp), 8-2


195 LBS
1st Dylan Nerich (W.C. Bryant) DEC George Grigalashvili (James Madison), 5-4
3rd Emre Mabocoglu (Midwood) F Harlen Nolasco (Kipp)

5th Mustapha Kobeyssi (New Dorp) DEC Muhamed Diop (Martin L. King), 7-2


220 LBS
1st Michael Babbcort (Wingate) F Brian Hernandez (New Utrecht)
3rd Harry Rios (Brooklyn Tech) F Kyle Indart (New Utrecht)

5th Andrew Chen (Brooklyn Tech) F Faizan Lone (James Madison)



Semi-Final Results

99 Shawn Muratov (James Madison) F James Wong (Brooklyn Tech)
106 Sunil Thapa (W.C. Bryant) F Muhammad Islomov (James Madison)
113 Joshua Jackson (Susan E. Wagner) MD Albert Tan (New Utrecht), 15-2
120 Jason Porcaro (New Utrecht) F Joseph Zakharov (Midwood)
126 Abdullo Omonullaev (Midwood) DEC Dean Blafford (James Madison), 9-6
132 Pedro Cruz (New Utrecht) DEC Guillermo Arango (Gaynor Campus), 7-3
138 Aaron Jackson (Susan E. Wagner) DEC Abid Hossain (Brooklyn Tech), 3-2 UTB
145 Eric Kachan (Susan E. Wagner) DEC Raja Ali (Midwood), 7-5
152 Joseph Perez (Martin L. King) MD Elijah Singh (Brooklyn Tech), 10-2
160 Ryan Mcgovern (Brooklyn Tech) F Alexis Marin (Midwood)
170 Andrew Grechko (Brooklyn Tech) F Matt Lynch (New Utrecht)
182 Olexandr Pustovoyt (Midwood) DEC Temur Yakhshilikov (James Madison), 8-2
195 Dylan Nerich (W.C. Bryant) DEC Emre Mabocoglu (Midwood), 5-2
220 Brian Hernandez (New Utrecht) F Harry Rios (Brooklyn Tech)
99 Sal Blafford (James Madison) F Gamal Almareh (New Utrecht)
106 Abdul Almareh (New Utrecht) F Mahmoud Aboseria (Midwood)
113 Kai Yudelson (Brooklyn Tech) DEC Adrian Artsisheuskiy (Midwood), 6-2
120 Martin Kiriakos (Susan E. Wagner) DEC Kevin Castro (Susan E. Wagner), 10-4
126 Jack Gwertzman (Midwood) DEC Gilbert Rosario (W.C. Bryant), 5-1
132 Zacc Romero (Brooklyn Tech) F Anthony Osipoff (James Madison)
138 Max Gwertzman (Brooklyn Tech) F Justin Gonzalez (Martin L. King)
145 Jack Reusing (Brooklyn Tech) MD Jahongir Davronov (Midwood), 15-3
152 Shalamar Solomon (Brooklyn Tech) MD Michael Waldman (James Madison), 10-0
160 David Konner (James Madison) DEC Doston Ashurov (New Utrecht), 10-4
170 Azamat Davlyatov (James Madison) F Eric Martinez (New Utrecht)
182 Vincent Pagnotta (Susan E. Wagner) F Moiz Khan (New Utrecht)
195 #3 George Grigalashvili (James Madison) DEC Harlen Nolasco (Kipp), 9-3
220 Michael Babbcort (Wingate) F Kyle Indart (New Utrecht)

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