NYSAIS Championships

The New York State Association for Independent Schools (NYSAIS) held their championship on Long Island at LI Lutheran this past weekend. Numerous New York City programs made the drive over for a chance to wrestle at either the Division II NYSPHSAA State Championships in two weeks, or at the Prep National Championships. The top medalist outside of Poly Prep qualified for Albany. Poly Prep will travel and compete in the Prep Nationals this season as their season championship. 

The top Section XII wrestler in each weight class qualifies for the Division II NYSPHSAA State Championships in Albany. If a wrestler from Poly Prep won the weight class, the next highest Section XII medalist represents New York City in Albany. State qualifiers from New York City are in bold below. In total, ten wrestlers from the five boroughs qualified for the state tournament in two weeks. 

Qualifiers by School
Horace Mann – 4
Trinity – 3
Dalton – 2
Collegiate – 1



1st Robert Horan (Hackley) F Henry White (Trinity), 1:14
3rd Nick Moreira (Horace Mann) DEC Jacob Schorsh (Horace Mann), 6-2
 John Mccann (Long Island Lutheran) TF Tyler Wyman (Hackley), 15-0

3rd Henry Morris (Poly Prep) F Michael Ortiz (Horace Mann), 1:32


1st Jack Bosco (Hackley) DEC Jake Intrater (Dalton), 11-7

3rd Dano Tyrell (Martin Luther) TF Rhys Shepherd (Horace Mann), 18-3


1st Sal Jones (Long Island Lutheran) DEC Dove Bonjean-alpart (Poly Prep), 5-1
3rd Jack Harris (Horace Mann) F Lara Schechter (Hackley), 1:14

5th Saimon Khan (Trinity) F Caleb Lee (Collegiate), 3:59


1st Luke Reich (Poly Prep) F Bernard Von simpson (Horace Mann), 1:05
3rd Colin Southwood (Trinity) F Jean Rossi (Martin Luther), 5:36

5th William Shabecoff (Rye) F Simone Straus (Hackley), 0:45


1st David Berkovich (Poly Prep) M FOR Jamie Berg (Horace Mann)

3rd Johnathon Ho (Collegiate) F Mark Imbert (Long Island Lutheran), 5:54


1st Liam Harvey (Poly Prep) DEC William Swett (Dalton), 6-0
3rd Davis Parzick (Horace Mann) MD Jimmy Jones (Hackley), 12-3

5th Robbie Fox (Rye) DEC Harry Sultan (Collegiate), 17-10


1st Charlie Barry (Poly Prep) MD Georgi Verdelis (Horace Mann), 9-1

3rd Max Mandell (Rye) DEC Jonah Ryan (Dalton), 8-5


1st Ben Rapport (Trinity) MD Jamaal Spence (Dalton), 16-8
3rd Emery Nelson (Poly Prep) F Liam Futterman (Horace Mann), 1:17

5th Will Knisley (Hackley) F Lance Sterling (Long Island Lutheran), 3:25


1st David-paul Schulze (Martin Luther) DEC Stephen Andryc (Trinity), 9-6

3rd Pierce Kim (Rye) F Brandon Sweeney (Long Island Lutheran), 1:34


1st Noah Boyd (Collegiate) DEC Daniel Cales (Martin Luther), 15-9

3rd Brooks Sleeper (Rye) F Aidan Shepardson (Dalton), 1:57


1st Victor Marzano (Poly Prep) F Giovanni Crispi (Hackley), 0:39

3rd Ahmed Suliman (Rye) F Will Dunn (Rye), 0:31



1st Elie Farah (Dalton) F Noah Loscano (Trinity), 0:56


1st Richard Antoine (Rye) DEF Cameron Coleman (Rye)

3rd Dylan Baldwin (Trinity) F Simon Rhodes (Dalton), 0:22



1st Charlie Moysak (Rye) F Will Schwing (Long Island Lutheran), 1:47



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